Wellsmith is available to people who have been qualified to participate by their by Health Systems and/or Insurance programs. To use the app, you must be qualified by a Health System and/or Insurance program who offers Wellsmith and have received and responded to an invitation to join the Wellsmith community.  
Wellsmith is compatible with most iPhone and Android phones. System requirements are as follows:  

iPhones must be:

Device(s): iPhone 5 or higher  
Operating Systems: iOS release10 or later 

Androids must be: 

Device(s): Samsung S5 or greater, | Samsung Note 7 & 8 | Google Nexus 5 & 6 Operating System(s): Android 5 or higher 
The following Android devices and operating systems are not supported: 
Samsung Galaxy S3 | Android 4.4 | Samsung Galaxy S4 | Android 5.0.1 
NOTE: Some Bluetooth devices may connect to the Wellsmith app but may not connect with your phone. This is due to hardware differences between Android phone manufacturers. Refer to My Devices for more information or to troubleshoot the connection of your Bluetooth devices.