If Accu-Chek Guide will not pair, unpair Accu-Chek from phone and unpair phone from Accu-Chek. Once you have unpaired both Accu-Chek and phone, re-pair your Accu-Chek Guide . 

Unpair phone and Accu-Chek Guide meter: 

  1. Open Settings app on phone 
  2. Select Bluetooth 
  3. Locate fdevice "meter+..." 
  4. Select i within blue circle icon next to name of the meter 
  5. Select Forget Device 
  6. Confirm Forget Device 
  1. Open Settings app 
  2. Select Connections 
  3. Select Bluetooth 
  4. Look for device "meter+..." 
  5. Select the gear icon next to name of meter 
  6. Select Unpair 
Accu-Chek Guide 
  1. Turn on Accu-Chek Guide (hold ‘OK’ for 5 seconds) 
  2. Select ‘Settings’ and ‘OK’ 
  3. Use arrow keys to locate 'Wireless’ and select ‘OK’ 
  4. Select ‘Pairing’ and select ‘OK’ 
  5. Select ‘Delete Pairing’ 
  6. Select phone and select ‘OK’ 

Follow Wellsmith App instructions to re-pair Accu-Chek. Click here to view Accu-Chek pairing instructions.