If Garmin will not pair, unpair Garmin from phone and unpair phone from Garmin. Once you have unpaired both Garmin and phone, re-pair your Garmin
Unpair phone and Garmin vivosmart4: 
  1. Open Settings app on phone 
  2. Select Bluetooth 
  3. Locate device "vivosmart4" 
  4. Select i within blue circle icon next to name of the tracker 
  5. Select Forget Device 
  6. Confirm Forget Device 
  1. Open Settings app 
  2. Select Connections 
  3. Select Bluetooth 
  4. Locate device "vivosmart4" 
  5. Select the gear icon next to name of tracker 
  6. Select Unpair 

Re-pair phone and Garmin vivosmart4:

Garmin vivosmart4
  1. Press device key to access the menu
  2. Swipe the screen and select Phone Bluetooth
  3. Select rotating arrows
  4. The vivosmart 4 will now be in Bluetooth pairing mode. 
iPhone & Android
Open Wellsmith app & follow instructions to pair Garmin vivosmart4.  Click here to view Garmin vivosmart pairing instructions.