Wellsmith supports Garmin vivosmart 4 to log daily steps and sync them into the app. Be sure to fully charge your Garmin vivosmart 4 before connecting to Wellsmith app. 
Set up Garmin vivosmart 4:
  1. Open or log in to Wellsmith app
  2. Select Set Up Devices from home screen, or select ‘… More’ button from bottom of screen, and select ‘Devices’ 
  3. Select Activity Tracker from list of Unpaired Devices 
  4. Select Garmin vivosmart 4 from list of available devices 
  5. Enter your weight and height and select ‘Next’ 
  6. Turn on Garmin; on your phone, select ‘Next’ 
  7. If this is your first time turning on your vivosmart 4, select your language 
  8. On your phone, select ‘Next’ 
  9. On vivosmart 4, search icon will display followed by 6-digit code 
  10. On phone, select Pair and enter 6-digit code from vivosmart 4 
  11. A prompt asks if you would like phone notifications to be displayed on vivosmart 4. Select preference to ‘Allow’ or ‘Don’t Allow’ 
  12. Successful pairing message appears on vivosmart 4 and on phone 
  13. vivosmart 4 successfully pairs with Wellsmith app and device now appears as Paired Devices on My Devices screen 
For fitness tracker troubleshooting instructions, click here or contact Wellsmith Tech Support: 
Send a Wellsmith app message to Tech Support 
Email Tech Support at support@wellsmith.com 
Call Tech Support at 866.266.7792 
Office hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Messages are typically returned within 1 business day.