When technical issues are encountered with Wellsmith app or pairing devices, contact Technical Support:   
Send a Wellsmith app message to Tech Support 
Email Tech Support at support@wellsmith.com 
Call Tech Support at 866.266.7792 
Office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Messages are typically returned within 1 business day. 

In-App Technical Support 

  1. Open Wellsmith app 
  2. Select Messages from bottom menu 
  3. Select Technical Support from the list 
  4. Chat window opens. Enter specific information to request assistance (e.g. need assistance to pair A&D scale, need assistance to sync Accu-Check) 
  5. Include email address, or phone number and, if requesting a phone call, best time to call back 
  6. Select Send 

Steps 2 & 3:

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Email Technical Support

Contact Wellsmith Technical Support at support@wellsmith.com. Include description of issue. To receive phone call, include phone number and the best time to call. 

Call Technical Support

To call Wellsmith Technical Support, call toll-free at 1 (866) 266-7792. If Technical Support team is busy assisting other customers, leave a detailed message. Include your name, phone number, brief message and best time to call. Your call will be returned, as soon as possible. Calls are typically returned within 1 business day.